[3c509] ASAP HELP - twin 3c905C in RedHat 7.2 w/ different media

Donald Becker becker@scyld.com
Fri Jan 11 10:47:01 2002

On Fri, 11 Jan 2002, Liivo wrote:

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> Subject: [3c509] ASAP HELP - twin 3c905C in RedHat 7.2 w/ different media
> Please help me! I've got two 3Com 3c905C adapters and one RTL8029 based in
> one host:
> eth0 irq=10 io=0x9400 (MAC ...:47)
> eth1 irq=5 io=0x9800 (MAC ...:E0)
> eth2 irq=10 io=0x9000 (MAC ...:58)
> OS: RedHat 7.2 (2.4.7-10)
> eth0 is connected to 10M half-duplex network, eth1 is to 100M full-duplex
> and eth2 is to 10M coaxial.

What is the detection message?
What does 'mii-diag' or 'vortex-diag -m' report about the link beat for
eth0 and eth1?

> eth2 uses ne2k-pci module and works fine. Also eth0 works fine (although it
> shares irq with eth2). But I can't use eth1. It loads module, interface is
> up, but none RX packets. eth0 and eth1 uses same module. I've tried to use
> 3c59x.o (which came with distribution) and also compiled 3c90x.o (from 3Com
> web), effects are same, with both drivers eth1 doesn't work! Cables are ok,
> DOS based diagnostics says OK, but under linux there will be no RX packets.
> Any ideas how to solve this?

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