[3c509] ASAP HELP - twin 3c905C in RedHat 7.2 w/ different media

Liivo liivo@hot.ee
Fri Jan 11 08:44:00 2002


Please help me! I've got two 3Com 3c905C adapters and one RTL8029 based in
one host:
eth0 irq=10 io=0x9400 (MAC ...:47)
eth1 irq=5 io=0x9800 (MAC ...:E0)
eth2 irq=10 io=0x9000 (MAC ...:58)

OS: RedHat 7.2 (2.4.7-10)

eth0 is connected to 10M half-duplex network, eth1 is to 100M full-duplex
and eth2 is to 10M coaxial.
eth2 uses ne2k-pci module and works fine. Also eth0 works fine (although it
shares irq with eth2). But I can't use eth1. It loads module, interface is
up, but none RX packets. eth0 and eth1 uses same module. I've tried to use
3c59x.o (which came with distribution) and also compiled 3c90x.o (from 3Com
web), effects are same, with both drivers eth1 doesn't work! Cables are ok,
DOS based diagnostics says OK, but under linux there will be no RX packets.
Any ideas how to solve this?

Thanks in advance,
Network Administrator