Linux driver for Macronix' MX98715

michaelwang@MXIC.COM.TW michaelwang@MXIC.COM.TW
Thu Oct 22 23:57:26 1998

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Dear Thomas and Donald,

Many thanks for your promptly reply and quickly support.

For further verification and stability test, could we have a copy of the
source code and executable file? I think it is beneficial to speed up
available schedule by parallel checking on both sides.  Does the driver
already been available on your Web?

Please be informed that, as I mentioned in E-mail yesterday, the MX98713(A)
already been gradually replaced by MX98715(A) and MX98725. If you fully
adopted Steve Chen's proposal, the update driver could support all of
MX98713(A), MX98715(A) and MX98725. Therefore, I suggest you to revise the
supported products list to cover these parts.

Please be reminded that now we are facing customers' strong demand to
support Linux within very short time.

Again, many thanks for your kind inputs and your promptly reply to the
above would be the most appreciated.

Best Regards,

Michael Wang

Thomas Sailer <>  98/10/22 05:48:30 PM

G  Michael Wang/TAIWAN/MXIC
DG    Re: Linux driver for Macronix' MX98715

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Dear Mr Wang,

Donald Becker just yesterday released a beta test
driver with the changes proposed by Mr Chen. It
solved the duplicate packet as well as the medium selection
problem for me. I'm using an MX98713 (not A). The latency
is also quite normal now. (This was against a Bay
Networks hub in 10MBit mode).

I haven't made long term stability tests though.

Thomas Sailer