Network in 2.0.35 stops working(DEC DC21142) again

Dominik Weis
Sun Oct 18 13:11:19 1998

On Sun, 18 Oct 1998, Donald Becker wrote:

> On Sun, 18 Oct 1998, Dominik Weis wrote:
> > Subject: Network in 2.0.35 stops working(DEC DC21142) again
> >
> > Oct 17 14:51:02 math kernel: eth0: 21140 transmit timed out, status
> > f00980c7, SIA 000000c4 ffff0001 fffbff7f 8ff0c008, resetting...
> The status word 0xF00980C7 indicates that the chip is trying to raise an
> interrupt, and the interrupt handler isn't being run.  This is almost
> certainly a hardware or interrupt dispatch problem, unless some other
> error preceeded this one.
> Otherwise the status is normal for the chip in this state -- it finished
> transmitting packets, and it has completely filled the receive queue and is
> presently dropping packets, waiting for the interrupt handler to be run.

Does that mean that I should change the network card? What I don't
understand is that everything works fine except the network. I can log on
locally and do some work. We did not have the problem when the network was
working with 10Mb. After we went to 100Mb the problems started. Is it
possible that their is a problem in the kernel? I can change the network
card but it takes more than a week before the problem occurs again(The
last three times it took more than a week).

Dominik Weis
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