Problems with Intel board in a high volume web site
Mon Mar 6 23:27:03 2000

> We have just installed two new servers in our web site. One is a page server
> and the other is a database server. The database server is connected through
> a eepro 100 to the pageserver. The pageserver has two eepro 100's - one to
> the internet and the second to the database server.
> Everything worked well during testing. When we placed them in service,
> everything was fine until the server load picked up. We started experiencing
> packet losses of between 20 and 30% combined between the gateway and our
> server. There are no problems between the database server and the page
> server. We did some experimenting  - all the errors stopped if we moved the
> server to a different IP (with no traffic) - and started as soon as we moved
> it back again. Our ISP says its our network card. We think its their gateway
> can't handle the traffic... hmmm.
> Questions:
> 1) Is the driver in the debian build different from
> Any comments on the driver available directly from Intel?
> 2) any ideas on what is causing this?

It is quite possibly your network cards. The Intel chipsets have been
playing up for a lot of people. You could try the driver in, or switch
NICs, whichever suits you best. There is also another, even more advanced
version of the driver fixed by another member of this list, but I do not
have the URL on me at the moment.


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