[vortex-bug] Compiling netdrivers-3.1

Joerg Krein joerg.krein@ims.fhg.de
Tue Jul 30 07:24:00 2002


when trying to compile the drivers in the netdriver-3.1 package 
under SuSE kernel 2.4.18, the compiler finds NETIF_MSG_MISC undeclared in 3c59x.c. 
As it is defined in kern_compat.h I first thougt it wasn't included, but it is. 
HAVE_NETIF_MSG is defined 1 in my netdevice.h. 
But there is no NETIF_MSG_MISC defined. 
So are my kernel sources to old?
What if I just make the define myself?
An hints?

Jörg Krein