[vortex-bug] 3Com 920 ST03

Noyer Gilles G.Noyer@lectra.com
Mon, 16 Jul 2001 12:00:44 +0200

  I have a PC HP VL400 with the new 3Com 920-ST03 network card.
  The card is recognised But the is two MII transiver at adress 1 and 2 with
status 24
  it seem the last driver can't recognise well this card.
  With the 920-BRO6 the card is recognised with a MII transiver a adr 24and
work fine .
  Have you seen this pbs ?
  I user the driver version 0.99Qk of 7/5/2000
  Thanks for your help.
Gilles Noyer.