RX packet errors problem

Donald Becker becker@scyld.com
Fri Mar 24 15:54:45 2000

On Thu, 23 Mar 2000, Swaine Lin Chen wrote:

> > > My problem is this: my eth0 interface gives me lots (up to 1%) of RX 
> > > packet errors.  The card is a 3c590 10Mbit PCI adapter in a 200MHz PPro
> Full/half duplex isn't the problem, I think.  I got that vortex-diag
> program, and it says I'm running half-duplex.  I've included the output
> below.  I've also included the output of /proc/net/dev - to me, it just
> seems to say the same thing...
> Maybe I should ask a few more basic questions first - am I right in
> viewing my RX packet errors as a problem?  Could this be causing the
> relatively sluggish performance I see when using the network in Linux?

It's a problem.  At 1% you'll see stop-and-go file transfers, but not likely
notice interactive problems with 'telnet'.

> One last really dumb questions - what is the "frame" number?  Is that an
> error if it's not 0 as well?

That's "Frame errors", which sums several different error types kept
internally.  The primary error is usually a CRC error, but dribble bits and
alignment errors are also possible.

Donald Becker
Scyld Computing Corporation, becker@scyld.com

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