problem with dhcpcd-1.3.18-pl3 daemon, 3c59x driver and 3com

david parsons
Wed Mar 22 21:50:11 2000

Donald Becker wrote:
> My first guess is that dhcpcd is the problem.  I've never met a DHCP client
> that worked reliably on Linux.  We *really* want one for cluster work, so
> we have looked.  In part the problem that the kernel has changed the
> interface several times -- see the 'bootp' references on
> But there must be something about writing DHCP clients that causes otherwise
> sane programmers to write programs that want to control every aspect of the
> machine, for all time, and to use 100% of the CPU doing it.

    The isc dhclient works pretty well, and appears to be insulated enough
    from the vagaries of the kernel interfaces so that it works on kernels
    ranging from 2.0.x to 2.3.99.

    The big problems with the isc dhclient is that it's a traditional Unix
    app (== difficult to customise) and it's quite big,

    -david parsons
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