3c905B boot delay

Robert Sim simra@cim.mcgill.ca
Thu Mar 16 17:13:52 2000


I have been using the 3c59x driver for some time, and have a growing
number of machines (~10) with nic's using this driver.  For the most part,
the cards and driver work well.  However, I have exactly the same problem
on all of my machines:

At boot time, there is about a 2min delay before any traffic can be
handled.  The card appears to be functioning just fine- the link light is
on at 100MB, and is connected at the other end to a cisco switch.  There
is simply no response to network requests (the result being that my nfs
mounts and ypbind requests take some time to get started, or simply

Conversely, a few of my machines are dual-boot with windows, and in
windows I have experienced no such problem.  

I've been unable to identify anything in the mailing lists that looks
similar- has anyone else experienced this problem?  Sorry about the lack
of diagnostics- I'll try to post some asap.


Robert Sim
So long, and thanks for all the Phish

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