problem with 3C900

Mario Gaucher
Wed Mar 8 22:43:38 2000


I have a problem with my 3C900 card...
I have two computer... they were running with some ne2000 compatible
(realtek 8019) cards... no problem at all with those cards...
I wanted to try those 3C900 that I got... really cheap...
since I installed those cards, when I transfer a file between my
computer (using FTP), I get something like 2000-3000 colisions for a 6Mb
file. I never seen this with my old cards... and I am pretty sure that
the problem is not my hub... because it was ok before I switched all
And yes, both card are set to half-duplex...
I am using the driver included in the 2.2.15pre11 kernel (0.99H)
what can be the problem?

... I tried to compile the latest driver without success... it
complained that it cannot find k_compat.h and pci-netif.h ... where can
I find those files?

thanks for your help
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