PROBLEM: 3C905/2.2.15pre11 everything but working

David Forrest
Fri Mar 3 23:39:00 2000

Dear Sir or Madam,
  I am currently trying to install my 3Com 3C905-TX (FCC DF68C905-TX) into
my linux box.  Everything seems to install OK, except that the lights
don't light, and the packets don't pack.

It recognizes the card, interrupt and memory (IRQ10, 0xd8000), ifconfig
works, and my routes were set up, but I can't ping anything and the lights
remain dim.

I have connected it to a 10BT hub, and a 100TX switch with various cables
which work with other cards, but this card does not seem to communicate.

I tried the 3c59x.c:v0.99L driver also, and continued to have the same

vortex-diag seemed pretty happy, I failed to capture the outputs.

I yanked the card and put in an ISA 10BT, but I could re-try the 3C905 if
I had a clue about what to try next.

Does anyone have any guidance?

 Dave Forrest                      
 (804)296-7283h 924-3954w

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