[vortex-bug] Sombody please kill me! (from this list)

Jess H. Brewer jess@triumf.ca
Wed, 09 Aug 2000 10:13:06 -0700

Donald, it is thanks to your early efforts (in prying 
enough info out of 3COM to get the original Vortex 
driver working) that I have been enjoying my 3c900 
(and my new 3c905) for over 3 years now without a 
single problem!  

Ironically, however, I have been trying to escape from 
this listserver for the last two of those years with 
absolutely no success.  This seems to be related to 
the identification string that VMS mail sent to the 
majordomo long ago when I signed up; it probably had 
some local node name in front of the "triumc.ca" in 
"jess@triumf.ca" or else it pays attention to the 
other junk I used to have as a verbose identifier.  
Whatever the problem, my repeated attempts to quit 
have been unsuccessful despite my following your 
detailed howto advice.  I am now certain that this 
will have to be done "manually" by a person with 
privileges allowing interference with the majordomo.  
I'd rather not solve this problem just by putting 
vortex-bug@scyld.com on my blacklist; none of us 
benefits from wasting internet bandwidth.  

Please help, or forward my plea to someone who can.  

Thanks -- Jess