[vortex-bug] Re: 3c59x 0.99H and 3c905B (Cyclone) problems

Bob Ramstad rramstad@alum.mit.edu
Thu, 3 Aug 2000 22:07:31 -0400

Last note for the day...  some other suggestions were tried, with no

1) Moved card to PCI slot 0 (slot nearest the AGP card on my ASUS
   motherboard).  No improvement.

2) Compiled and installed the 3Com 3c90x official driver.  No
   improvement, and same behavior.  (Works fine when connected to 10
   mbps hub, no connection to LAN when connected to 10/100 mbps

3) Attempted to try a different NIC in the system only to discover
   that the hardware is unsupported under RedHat as it is too new.
   (Netgear FA311)

I am still completely flummoxed...  three days elapsed and still

-- Bob