3c905 detected but can't ping hosts

Donald Becker becker@cesdis1.gsfc.nasa.gov
Tue Mar 30 21:17:42 1999

On Thu, 25 Mar 1999, Pascal Bleser wrote:

> But that's not the problem. We use quite a lot of 3Com Vortex stuff
> (3C905-TX - "Fast EtherLink XL PCI"), and I just can't make it work...

3c905 or 3c905B -- the 'B' is completely different, and you'll need the
v0.99H or v0.99H-WOL driver to support it.

> I can ping localhost and ping the host's own address, but as soon as
> I'm trying to ping another host or someone tries to ping me, it
> fails.

??? When someone tries to ping you?

> I've heard there's a trick, even for NT: you have to disable Plug'n'Play
> in the BIOS and set the IRQ "manually" in the BIOS to make the card work
> with NT. We did that on a box (I mean: it was already done, because the
> card works on NT) and it didn't help...

The BIOS "PnP OS" setting doesn't have anything to do with ISA PnP.  Instead
it means "run 16-bit real-mode drivers with Windows?"  There is a BIOS
interface that allows Windows 98 put the 16 bit drivers in a "DOS box" and
remap the motherboard chipset interrupt lines.  But that BIOS interface only
works with Microsoft OSes.

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