Hit a wall with a Compag Proliant

Paul Fisher pfisher@eclipse.net
Fri Jul 31 15:59:58 1998


I am trying to configure a Compaq Proliant 1600 with a 3c905 NIC. I have
downloaded the source for the driver from the CESDIS WWW server and made
the changes to vortex_found_device as specified in the special Compaq
directions and evrything compiles fine. I can load the module (I'm running
RedHat 5.0). I can add routes. But packets go out and never return. I've
been using 'ping' to test connectivity and I am getting 100% packet loss.

I did note an apparent error in the directions for the Compaq changes. It
seems that the instructions for adding vortex_found_device have 1 too few
arguments to the subroutine. I added 'cards_found' as a sixth argument. The
code I added to 3c59x.c is:

          dev && dev->mem_start ? dev->mem_start : options[cards_found],
	  cards_found);			/* this argument added by PcF */
  dev = 0;

Any insights would be extremely helpful (and will probably save the life of
the tech director whom insisted I use a Compaq for the mail server).

Paul C. Fisher / pfisher@eclipse.net
Earth Science and Computer Science (it's all silica after all)
Morristown-Beard School