3c59x: recurring transmit errors

Yeak Nai Siew yeak@mir.com.my
Thu Jul 30 09:24:33 1998

>John Dunlap wrote:
>> As I recall, Becker said this shouldn't happen but to look
>> to see if there were PCI bus errors.
>I see no messages suggesting PCI bus errors in "/var/log/messages" or in
>the output of "dmesg".
>> I also recall some discussion about the possibility of interference
>> from another PCI device, were the specifics some adaptec scsi board?
>My root hard drive uses a PCI Adaptec AHA-294X SCSI board....

My root hard drive is just a normal IDE. But I still have the transmit errors.
Recently it is quite okay. No problem for at least 17 days now...

I am waiting to see the error message again and will do a PCI scan to check
if it is PCI board problem. But my DELL machine (Optiplex GXPro) use the
"on-board" (built-into-the-motherborad) ethernet card. It is not a separate
3com ethernet card inserted into the PCI slot. So, can I suspect it is a
PCI interface problem?

The funny thing here is, there is another machine running Windows NT
4.0+sp3. It has been up and running since last year. And it never locked up
because of the ethernet card problem. How to explain this?

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