3c59x: recurring transmit errors

John Dunlap dunlap@ohm.apl.washington.edu
Wed Jul 29 21:56:11 1998

> John Dunlap wrote:
> > I'm using 3c59x.c version 0.99E with patch 7 from Rob Riggs at
> > http://www.devilsthumb.com/~rob/3c59x_99E-7.diff
> I downloaded and applied the patch, but the transmit errors still
> appear.  This is not entirely surprising, since the patch seems to deal
> mainly with the receive side of things.
> :-(

Nuts.  As I recall, Becker said this shouldn't happen but to look
to see if there were PCI bus errors.  I also recall some discussion
about the possibility of interference from another PCI device, were
the specifics some adaptec scsi board?

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