3c59x: recurring transmit errors

Dan Stromberg strombrg@hydra.acs.uci.edu
Tue Jul 28 15:37:50 1998

Ravi Swamy wrote:

> Your friend is somewhat correct on Linux NFS writes.  Linux NFS writes
> to another Linux box are quite fast.  I've gotten over 2.5MB/s which I'm
> quite happy with.  Linux NFS writes to a Solaris server are horrendous.
> I can't even get 300kB/s.  No I'm not assigning blame, for all I know it
> could be Solaris but I've seen at least 3 people verify the same behavior
> and none knew how to "fix" it.  No, changing the rsize and wsize did not
> help at all.  Maybe 5% but that's it.  I've tried 1k, 2k, 4k, 8k, 16k, 32k.

In my case, using an 8k rsize and wsize makes a VERY LARGE difference -
it yields a very nice performance improvement.

In fact, I'd say the current default block size is a poor choice, and
should be raised to 8k, like on other unixes.

IMO, the slowness problem is in the linux NFS code, because solaris,
irix and osf/1 (and possibly others) can read/write to/from each other