2.0.3[345]/SMP/Boomerang - big IRQ reentry problems :-(

Jerry Sweet jsweet=linux-vortex-bug@irvine.com
Fri Jul 24 02:49:37 1998

Unfortunately the "re-entering interrupt handler" SMP wedge/crash
returned for us as well.  With the 2.0.3x mtrr-fix patch, the system
does seem to stay up longer between crashes, but that's all.

Even on a one-processor system, we ran into a difficulty that might
implicate the 3c59x driver: we ran into the dreaded "skput" kernel
panic mentioned in recent linux-vortex-bug messages.  On that system
we've replaced the 3C905B cards with Netgear FA310TX 10/100 cards
(which use the tulip driver), _so far_ with good results.