3C905B-TX (nfs/netperf problem)

Rob Riggs rob@devilsthumb.com
Wed Jul 22 19:09:02 1998

> I have encountered a problem of network performance of Linux using
> 3C905B-TX card. Could someone help me ?

I hope so...

> (1) In configuring the PC(Linux) as NFS client, the NFS read (read 
> file from NFS mounted disk to local disk) performance is reasonable, 
> while the NFS write (Write file from local disk to NFS mounted disk) 
> performance seems to be very slow. (about 200 KB/s on 100Mbps 
> connection) In the same pc, if I boot the Solaris 2.6, the NFS 
> performance for read and write seems to be reasonable.

Try mounting the nfs partition with '-o rsize=8192,wsize=8192'
and see if that helps. Let me know if this fixes the NFS

> (2) The "netperf" of the PC booting Linux to Alpha Workstation connected 
> by 100BaseTX via CISCO 2916 is only 0.15 Mbps, while if I boot Solaris 2.6
> of the pc, the netperf from the same pc to the same alpha shows 94.03 Mbps.
> Linux (2.1.109 (3c59x.c v0.99E))
> TCP STREAM TEST to rikalp.phy.bnl.gov
> Recv Send Send
> Socket Socket Message Elapsed
> Size Size Size Time Throughput
> bytes bytes bytes secs. 10^6bits/sec
> 32768 65535 65535 12.66 0.15 <--- 0.15 Mbps

Do me a favor and 'cat /proc/net/dev' both before and after
a netperf run. I need to know how many errors we are seeing.
.15Mbps is extremely slow for a 100BaseT connection.

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