3c575 XL Config problem

Cheshire Cat cheshire@montanavision.net
Tue Jul 21 13:15:13 1998

Here's my setup:
    Micron Transport Trek Laptop - 233/64 Ram/2 G partition for Linux/2
G partition for WinNT/3com Etherlink XL (3c575XL)/RedHat 5.0 (kernel

I've loaded pcmcia-cs-3.0.3 and Linux recongizes my ether as the right
card, however, it assigns irq 9 I/O 180. NT reports that the card is irq
11 I/O 1000. OK. I can ping the interface ( but can't ping
my gateway router ( How can I get the driver to set the card
to irq 11, as I think this is the problem.Oh, the arp table on the
router shows my ip, but it can't ping it. So just enough is getting
through that the router makes a entry for my machine. ANY help??