Fatal bug in Boomerang driver found

Rob Riggs rob@devilsthumb.com
Tue Jul 7 11:06:08 1998

> Hi,
> There are an other bug in the 3c59x bug, if you receive
> a lot of packet in the same interupt and the ring is full
> you can have a "skput over" because the test is bad.
> you just need to replace the follooling line in the
> boomerang_rx() function
> :
> if (--rx_work_limit < 0)
> break
> if (--rx_work_limit < =0)
> break

Yeah, I saw that after the fact. However, that test can
go. The check for NULL skb on the ring buffer (in the
patch I submitted) makes this test redundant. As soon
as we find a NULL skb we know we've reached rx_work_limit.

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