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Alex Gao
Mon Jul 6 22:19:49 1998

hello everyone:

  Please help me.I met a problem with 3COM 905 ethercard.

  I use Slackware3.4 with kernel 2.0.34.ususly I use the 3C905 with no problem.
but when I transfer big file(such as 50M) on ethernet.the ethernet card suddenly
stop tranfer.I try to re-tranfer this file a few times,it stop at the exact point.
when I use command "ping " to test ,it seem ok.
  another problem with the card.When I do not use this machine one night.Next
morning I can't ping the machine from net.But when I touchthis machine,I mean 
I type a few word,I can ping this machine again.

  I use the updated driver from .

  Can anyone help me? thanks very much.