3C905TX conflicts with RIVA 128 video card under Linux

G. Hugh Song ghsong@sangdu.kjist.ac.kr
Fri Jul 3 07:03:58 1998

Whose fault is this?
I found that the two conflicts.  The symtom is that xstart hangs the 
system.  When I replaced the ethernet card with 3C509, xstart starts the
X windows (XFree86-SVGA-3.2.2) with no problem.
Before "xstart" with 3C905, ping worked fine unlike many others who had
problems with 3C905B TX.

ASUS's LX-chipset Pentium II system
Ensonique Audio PCI
Adaptec 2940UW SCSI
ASUS 3DExplorer with RIVA 128 chipset
3Com 905TX (not 905B)

Linux 2.0.34pre6 which I made by using the source  which came with

Thanks a lot.

G. Hugh Song

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