[tulip] tulip tarball for Compaq Presario Conextant EthernetPort

Jens Arm JArm@Webasto.de
Thu, 9 Aug 2001 14:58:33 +0200


> Good to know about this. I never had APM in the kernel
> since I knew that this bios doesn't support APM. I do
> have ACPI in the kernel but it doesn't give this
> problem. Now that we have gathered a number of
> presario users, off topic, I wonder if you use dma=1
> on your harddisks. I see that many of you are using
> Mandrake maybe the default is dma=0. I do have
> problems with dma=1 (lockups and filesystem
> corruption) and I wondering if this is a presario
> problem.

I had the same (only filesystem corruption) on my Compaq 17XL470.
ACPI=1 and DMA=1 -> corruption
DMA=1 and no ACPI -> all OK
ACPI=1 and DMA=0 -> all OK
this was with 2.4.4 and 2.4.5 / 2.4.6 I have not tested

ACPI=1 and DMA=1 (Kernel 2.4.7) -> I will test this at the weekend

Kent, which kernel version do you use?
Older Kernels had problems with 'ACPI - PCI - Processormodes - Caching' 
if ACPI and DMA were enabled. (see ACPI Mailinglist). With the 2.4.7 I use 
ACPI, but the DMA is still disabled, because I don't have the courage to test 
it. I don't wan't to reinstall a next time, but I know someone who has the 
same notebook and he said he has enabled DMA and it works. IMHO he uses 2.4.6.

The network is working now with that Tar-Ball, expect very seldom some 'to 
much work during an interrupt' messages. I have tested this by coping a 650 
MB CD-Image here and there and in the other direction. The files where not 
corrupted (md5sum).

Thanks, Donald and all the others who have worked on the Conexant!!!

Does someone know how to say the tulip-driver to use another Interrupt?
Or can I say this e.g. to the USB or maestro3 driver?

cu Jens