[tulip] toner cartridges

Clifton T. Sharp Jr. clifto@clifto.com
Mon, 06 Aug 2001 12:27:24 -0500

arrivadechiamerica@corpusmail.com wrote:
> **** VORTEX  SUPPLIES ****

I thought this list was being manually screened. Going ahead on this
assumption, it's important that you know that this chronic spammer is
known for very shoddy products and is under court order not to spam;
he's very close to jail time.

On the alternate assumption that it's possible for him to subscribe and
then spam the list, it's a pity; but it's important for list readers to
know that ordering from these people will only get them garbage products
from a real crook.


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 point made it clear you would believe whatever you wanted to believe"
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