[tulip] Re: Tulip Driver, or is it the PCI subsystem ?

Donald Becker becker@scyld.com
Fri, 3 Aug 2001 00:46:56 -0400 (EDT)

On Fri, 3 Aug 2001, Alan Cox wrote:

> > now, all that i want to know, is What on earth has been changed to
> > COMPLETELY retard what i saw as a usefull card and driver, for my (and other
> > people), the card is useless, and even worse, so is the damn server its
> > connected to.
> Well the obvious thing is the pci scanning and hot plug interface means that
> PCI ordering is now a more generic issue. I suspect what you'd need to do
> is to implement a version of 
> 	pcibios_sort()

This doesn't really address the problem.

The (Scyld) tulip driver now back-installs the EEPROM information to
already detected interfaces that didn't have an EEPROM.

The problem is the broken BIOS IRQ settings.
The tulip driver has long had patch-up code, for x86 only, to work
around this problem.

The driver used to only forward-copy the EEPROM info, and used the same
code to forward copy the IRQ setting.  If the probe order was backwards,
the user set reverse_probe=1 because of the obviously bogus media
table.  This fixed up the IRQ (which was never *obviously* broken.)

Reviewing the code, I now understand the crux of your bug report.
While the current driver will back-copy and forward-copy the EEPROM
media information, the IRQ setting is only forward copied.

See the references to "last_irq" in probe1().

Here is a patch that might fix your problem.  The code around line 1106
does the back-copy of the EEPROM media table.  Please try adding the
lines with the "+"

	if (ee_data[19] > 1) {
		struct net_device *prev_dev;
		struct tulip_private *otp;
		/* This is a multiport board.  The probe order may be "backwards", so
		   we patch up already found devices. */
		last_ee_data = ee_data;
		for (prev_dev = tp->next_module; prev_dev; prev_dev = otp->next_module) {
			otp = (struct tulip_private *)prev_dev->priv;
			if (otp->eeprom[0] == 0xff  &&  otp->mtable == 0) {
+#if defined(__i386__)		/* Patch up x86 BIOS bug. */
+				prev_dev->irq = dev->irq;
			} else
		controller_index = 0;

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