[tulip] Digital DS21140 Tulip

vincent.louviaux@belgacom.be vincent.louviaux@belgacom.be
Fri, 14 Jul 2000 12:39:32 +0200

I m trying to use a "Digital DS21140 Tulip"
But I ve got the following error 

tulip.c:v0.89H 5/23/98 becker@cesdis.gsfc.nasa.gov
eth0: Digital DS21140 Tulip at 0xec80, EEPROM not present, 00 4c 69 6e 75
79, IRQ 0.
eth0: Old style EEPROM -- no media selection information.

The system installed is a Redhat 6.2 on a kernel 2.2.14 smp
I Hope someone can help me to find the way to configure this device.

alias eth0 old_tulip

[root@bart /root]# tulip-diag
tulip-diag.c:v2.01 5/10/2000 Donald Becker (becker@scyld.com)
Index #1: Found a Digital DS21140 Tulip adapter at 0xec80.
 Port selection is 100mbps-SYM/PCS 100baseTx scrambler, full-duplex.
 Transmit started, Receive started, full-duplex.
  The Rx process state is 'Stopped'.
  The Tx process state is 'Stopped'.
  PCI bus error!: Parity Error.
  The transmit unit is set to store-and-forward.
 Interrupt sources are pending!  CSR5 is 0001ebef.
   Tx done indication.
   Tx complete indication.
   Tx out of buffers indication.
   Transmit Jabber indication.
   Tx FIFO Underflow indication.
   Rx Done indication.
   Receiver out of buffers indication.
   Receiver stopped indication.
   Receiver jabber indication.
   Timer expired indication.
   PCI bus error indication.
   Early Rx indication.
 Use '-a' or '-aa' to show device registers,
     '-e' to show EEPROM contents, -ee for parsed contents,
  or '-m' or '-mm' to show MII management registers.

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