[tulip] Compile errors and Unresolved dependencies for the Source RPM

Ute Jensen ute192@hotmail.com
Wed, 12 Jul 2000 18:09:17 PDT

Well at least I know I'm not alone in this problem.  I wish I could help you 
out, but I still haven't found an answer from my post of the same problem on 
SuSe linux last week:

But one source on the suse-linux-e mailing list told me that if I have two 
kernel versions in /lib/modules then the compiler might have a problem 
deciding between which libraries to link to.  I have both a 2.2.5 and a 
2.0.36 directory in there and he suggested renaming one and compiling again. 
  I haven't yet tried it, because I'm not sure about it.. i mean, what was 
the uname for in the path if the compiler is gonna get confused anyway :-\  
But you might check to see if that's also the case with your 7.1 Mandrake, 
and if we both have more than one directory there then there might be some 
merit to his suggestion.

Someone else with a 2.2.13 kernel told me that they had to compile tulip 
into the kernel, specifying the DEC option in the menuconfig.

My 'rm' isn't aliased to 'rm -i' and I use it all the time.  So why am I so 
hesitant to compile a kernel?  I don't know.. could it be that the first 
time I try to compile something (the tulip module) it goes awry??

Good luck.. I'm still searching, too.


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