[scyld-users] CPU binding for SMP

Jeho Park tojeho at gmail.com
Wed Sep 13 15:36:33 PDT 2006

Does Scyld OS has any means of CPU binding for clusters with SMP?
The cluster I am working on has two CPUs per node with Scyld OS running 
kernel 2.2.19-12. I am trying to compile a benchmarking program which 
makes use of cycle counter for timing measure. Since the cluster has 
two CPUs, there must be a way to bind processes to one of the local 
CPUs to avoid obtaining wrong values of the cycle counter register from 
the other CPU (-- they don't share one cycle counter).

There is a function, sched_setaffinity() from sched.h, for kernels 
2.6.x or later version, or sysmp() function from pset patch for older 
kernels. Neither one works for my cluster. Is there any work around for 
the kernel 2.2.19-12 of Scyld OS?

Thanks in advance,

Jeho Park

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