[scyld-users] Customizing Scyld Beowulf Cluster for Perl / Bioinformatics

Kristen J. McFadden kjm31 at cu-genome.org
Wed Apr 16 16:41:02 PDT 2003




We have a Scyld Beowulf cluster currently running on 28cz-4 (we are
getting -5 soon).  We have been running into a lot of problems with
users that are trying to run scripts on the child nodes.   To start
with, what is the best way to run serial (non-MPI) programs?


Here is the current issue I'm trying to tackle.


Say I have a perl script.  (I  NFS mount /usr /lib etc. on the child

I want to run this perl script on N nodes with N DIFFERENT arguments.

Right now, even when I write up a small file with "mpprun my_program
arg1 arg2 | batch now" in 100 lines or something for all different
arguments, bbq does NOT properly distribute these programs.  It
overloads some nodes and behaves essentially unpredictably.  


Is there any tools or info anyone has about running Perl scripts and the
like safely on a Scyld implementation?


Thanks, Kristen


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