[netdrivers] Fwd: how to get highest performance of e1000 linux driver

ma dh maduohe at gmail.com
Tue Aug 18 23:44:46 PDT 2009

  hi, all

I am  using  debian linux( the kernel is linux-2.6.30 ) as the OS, and the
hardware is 5000P.  The network card is *Eight Intel 82571EB.  I use linux
default network divice driver£¨e1000?£©.*
*My product need high performance of network t*ransmitting rate. But the
test result is not good. The *t*ransmitting rate of  64bytes  small packets
is only 30% of line speed.

How can I  get higher performance of 64bytes  small packets  *network
rate?   How can I improve the 64bytes  small packets  *network t*ransmitting
rate  upto 90% - 100% of line speed?  I know that somebody has maded it.

where is the performance bottleneck of linux os?   Somebody says  that  it
is  about the linux  e1000  driver.   what should  I  modify  about the
e1000 driver?  (NAPI? MMAP?  sk_buffer?   which one is the answer£¿)  * *
Thank you  very much!

                                maduohe at gmail.com
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