[netdrivers] Problem with sundance.c and kernel 2.4.27

Mark Cave-Ayland m.cave-ayland at webbased.co.uk
Tue Nov 23 03:58:11 PST 2004

Hi everyone,

I'm experiencing problems trying to get a D-Link DFE-580TX quad port NIC
working with the sundance driver. The machine in question contains 2 of
these NICs in order to form a brouter. What I am finding is that the driver
correctly detects the card (including its MAC address) but no data can be
sent over the connection.

I have tried two different drivers: the stock sundance.c supplied with the
2.4.27 kernel (with grsecurity patch), and also the driver available from
http://www.scyld.com/ethercard_drivers.html but neither of them seem to work
for me :(. The machine containing the 2 NICs is a modern Dell Poweredge
400SC, which is modern P4 machine.

I have managed to get some debugging information from both of the drivers -
I did this by setting the debug options according to modinfo -p in
/etc/modules.conf and then copying the output from /var/log/messages. I've
included the output from both drivers as an attachment to this email. Any
help in getting these cards to work would be greatly appreciated!

Kind regards,


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