[netdrivers] problem with 3c509 Etherlink III and recend 2.4 kernel.

Ferréol de Soras desoraf@esiee.fr
Fri Jan 16 23:35:01 2004


I am having the same probleme as in message 

I own a 3c509 Etherlink III ISA card.
It has runned under Slackware 9.1 original Linux 2.4.22 kernel fine for 
It was also correctly detectected and works fine under Debian 
2.4.18-bf24 kernel, which I recently installed.

However, I cannot manage to make a 2.4.24 3c509 module work, nor with a 
2.6.1 kernel.

I have the following line in logs

Jan 16 16:33:48 alizee kernel: eth0: 3c5x9 found at 0x300, 10baseT port, 
address  00 60 08 76 17 cf, IRQ 10.
Jan 16 16:33:48 alizee kernel: 3c509.c:1.19b 08Nov2002 becker@scyld.com
Jan 16 16:33:48 alizee kernel: http://www.scyld.com/network/3c509.html
Jan 16 16:33:48 alizee kernel: eth0: Setting 3c5x9/3c5x9B half-duplex 
mode if_port: 0, sw_info: 1321
Jan 16 16:33:48 alizee kernel: eth0: Setting Rx mode to 1 addresses.

but whatever I try to do with eth0, I go the /'SIOCIFFSFLAGS: Device or 
resource busy' /error message./

/It was said in the previous archived message that "The 3c509 driver has 
been modified, so it might be a problem in those", in June 2003.

Might it be the same problem, and if it is, can it be solved ?


Ferréol de Soras