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Michael DiDomenico mdidomenico4 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 23 14:17:04 UTC 2024

i caught this on linkedin the other day.  i'm not sure if Dr Midgely is
still on the list or not.  If he is, i was wondering if he could shed some
technical details on the installation and since it's been a few years since
DUG first started with immersion what his thoughts are now versus then



i'm curious to know

1 how many servers per vat or U
2 i saw a slide mention 1500w/sqft, can you break that number into kw per
3 can you shed any light on the heat exchanger system? it looks like
there's just two pipes coming into the vat, is that chilled water or oil?
is there a CDU somewhere off camera?
4 that power bar in the middle is that DUG custom?
5 any stats on reliability?  like have you seen a decrease in the hw

are you selling the vats/tech as a product?  can i order one? :)

since cpu's are pushng 400w/chip, nvidia is teasing 1000w/chip coming in
the near future, and i'm working on building a new site, i'm keenly
interested in thoughts on DLC or immersion tech from anyone else too
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