[Beowulf] HPCG benchmark, again

Jörg Saßmannshausen sassy-work at sassy.formativ.net
Fri Mar 18 23:07:17 UTC 2022

Dear all,

further the emails back in 2020 around the HPCG benchmark test, as we are in 
the process of getting a new cluster I was wondering if somebody else in the 
meantime has used that test to benchmark the particular performance of the 
From what I can see, the latest HPCG version is 3.1 from August 2019. I also 
have noticed that their website has a link to download a version which 
includes the latest A100 GPUs from nVidia. 

What I was wondering is: has anybody else apart from Prentice tried that test 
and is it somehow useful, or does it just give you another set of numbers?

Our new cluster will not be at the same league as the supercomputers, but we 
would like to have at least some kind of handle so we can compare the various 
offers from vendors. My hunch is the benchmark will somehow (strongly?) depend 
on how it is tuned. As my former colleague used to say: I am looking for some 
war stories (not very apt to say these days!).

Either way, I hope you are all well given the strange new world we are living 
in right now.

All the best from a spring like dark London


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