[Beowulf] [beowulf] nfs vs parallel filesystems

Lohit Valleru lohitv at gwmail.gwu.edu
Sat Sep 18 17:20:51 UTC 2021

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to find answers to an age old question of NFS vs Parallel file
systems. Specifically - Isilon oneFS vs parallel filesystems.Specifically
looking for any technical articles or papers that can help me understand
what exactly will not work on oneFS.
I understand that at the end - it all depends on workloads.
But at what capacity of metadata io or a particular io pattern is bad in
NFS.Would just getting a beefy isilon NFS HDD based storage - resolve most
of the issues?
I am trying to find sources that can say that no matter how beefy an NFS
server can get with HDDs as backed - it will not be as good as parallel
filesystems for so and so workload.
If possible - Can anyone point me to experiences or technical papers that
mention so and so do not work with NFS.

Does it have to be that at the end - i will have to test my workloads
across both NFS/OneFS and Parallel File systems and then see what would not

I am concerned that any test case might not be valid, compared to real
shared workloads where performance might lag once the storage reaches PBs
in scale and millions of files.

Thank you,
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