[Beowulf] Power Cycling Question

Rémy Dernat remy.dernat at umontpellier.fr
Wed Aug 18 10:07:52 UTC 2021

Le 18/08/2021 à 12:03, Rémy Dernat a écrit :
> Hi,
> I just saw this thread right now. I do not have the time tight now to 
> read the whole thread, so, sorry if I am missing / describing something 
> already discussed.
> I also created a plain bash code to handle power saving on our cluster 
> many years ago on SGE.

For anyone interested in this: https://github.com/remyd1/greengine
(This looks like a bit of archeology for me now ^^)

> Le 17/07/2021 à 02:44, Skylar Thompson a écrit :
>> We had tried engineering our custom "green cluster" automation with Grid
>> Engine years ago where we would shutdown idle nodes until they were 
>> needed,
>> but doing it independently of the resource manager was far too 
>> complicated
>> for us to maintain, especially since it was all cost and no benefit 
>> for us
>> with our power and cooling charges being absorbed through a flat overhead
>> rate.
> However after a big code update on SVN (before this git repo), the code 
> did not work as expected and I decided to let that code as it was. It 
> was also too hard to maintain for me, even if it is not really very 
> complicated.
> The main idea is to setup an availability level for a cluster. Let's say 
> you may want 100% of active nodes + X nodes doing nothing that are ready 
> to receive jobs + Y nodes poweroff (nowadays I would choose hibernate 
> instead). That is the availabity level. You may decide what nodes should 
> be started first, how many nodes you need to boot at a time, what queue 
> to exclude...
> I think all this stuff is already present SLURM, and pretty well 
> integrated.
> About suspend/hibernate, Ubuntu does this by default from Focal with 
> systemd Units sleep.target, suspend.target, hibernate.target, 
> hybrid-sleep.target (if you have a desktop env, even Gnome has some 
> hibernate functions (see org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.power...).
> Best regards
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Rémy Dernat
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