[Beowulf] Clustering vs Hadoop/spark

Jonathan Aquilina jaquilina at eagleeyet.net
Tue Nov 24 08:19:52 UTC 2020

Hi Ben,

Readded the list

I think where im confused is that to me doesn’t that what Hadoop/Spark does distributes the data for computation then aggregates it back into a single data set?

Correct me if I am wrong here. 

Also another thing I cant seem to understand is how for big data analytics a java based platfrom manages to get some great performance to crunch large data sets.


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Hello Jonathan,

On 24/11/2020 06.22, Jonathan Aquilina via Beowulf wrote:
> I am just wondering what advantages does setting up of a cluster have 
> in relation to big data analytics vs using something like Hadoop/spark?

can you distribute any application without programming against a framework?

We distribute a lot of data parallel tasks with the source code unchanged via SLURM.

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