[Beowulf] RIP CentOS 8

Carlos Bederián carlos.bederian at unc.edu.ar
Sat Dec 12 08:35:30 UTC 2020

I'm going off on a tangent here, but how is shipping an entire distribution
for a single application something good? Many things have failed for us to
get to this point where such a brute force approach makes sense, and nobody
wants to tackle the underlying problems.

On Fri, Dec 11, 2020, 3:57 PM Douglas Eadline <deadline at eadline.org> wrote:

> Now jump ahead to containers and HPCng (https://hpcng.org/)
> An open source project will release a container that "contains"
> everything thing it needs to run (along with the container recipe)
> Using Singularity you can also sign the container to assure
> provenance of the code. The scheduler runs containers. Simple.
> Software Vendors will gladly do the same. Trying to support
> multiple distribution goes away. Applications show up in
> tested containers. The scheduler runs containers. Things just work,
> less support issues for the vendor. Simple.
> The need to maintain library version trees and Modules for
> goes away, Of course if are developer writing your own application,
> you need specific libraries, but not system wide. Build the
> application in your working directly, include any specific libraries
> you need in the local source tree and fold it all into a container.
> Joe Landman also comments on this topic in his blog (does not seem
> to be showing up for me today, however)
> https://scalability.org/2020/12/the-future-of-linux-distributions-in-the-age-of-docker-and-k8s/
> Bottom line, it is all good, we are moving on.
> --
> Doug
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