[Beowulf] Bright Cluster Manager

Jeff White jeff.white at wsu.edu
Wed May 2 12:52:41 PDT 2018

I never used Bright.  Touched it and talked to a salesperson at a 
conference but I wasn't impressed.

Unpopular opinion: I don't see a point in using "cluster managers" 
unless you have a very tiny cluster and zero Linux experience.  These 
are just Linux boxes with a couple applications (e.g. Slurm) running on 
them.  Nothing special. xcat/Warewulf/Scyld/Rocks just get in the way 
more than they help IMO.  They are mostly crappy wrappers around free 
software (e.g. ISC's dhcpd) anyway.  When they aren't it's proprietary 

I install CentOS nodes and use 
Salt/Chef/Puppet/Ansible/WhoCares/Whatever to plop down my configs and 
software.  This also means I'm not suck with "node images" and can 
instead build everything as plain old text files (read: write SaltStack 
states), update them at will, and push changes any time.  My "base 
image" is CentOS and I need no "baby's first cluster" HPC software to 
install/PXEboot it.  YMMV

Jeff White

On 05/01/2018 01:57 PM, Robert Taylor wrote:
> Hi Beowulfers.
> Does anyone have any experience with Bright Cluster Manager?
> My boss has been looking into it, so I wanted to tap into the 
> collective HPC consciousness and see
> what people think about it.
> It appears to do node management, monitoring, and provisioning, so we 
> would still need a job scheduler like lsf, slurm,etc, as well. Is that 
> correct?
> If you have experience with Bright, let me know. Feel free to contact 
> me off list or on.
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