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>If a sys admin position involves shell prorgramming/scripting, knowing the details of a specific programming language or processor are secondary, but thinking like a >programmer is skill not everyone has or can develop.Just last week a wrote a Lua script without knowing a thing about Lua. I looked at the example scripts, and then >googled to fill in the blanks. I think most SysAdmins do stuff like that on a regular basis.

Nooo.. I would never do that.
At one stage I had a whole shelf of Oreilly books at work. Still have them at home, but a bunch went to Textbooks for Africa recently.
My local library gladly accepted some rather heavy tomes on parallel programming. Goodness knows what the residents of SE London make of them. I rather hope that some youngster is inspired by one of the books.

== some poor kid is going to read Becker’s book, find archives of this list, find RGBs notes, and go hunting for DEC ethernet cards..  May the computing gods have mercy on his soul..

That said, google is my friend when writing in a new language that’s similar to an old language (Ruby, I’m looking at you)

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