[Beowulf] cluster deployment and config management

lange at debian.org lange at debian.org
Sun Oct 8 13:34:35 PDT 2017

I use my FAI (Fully Automatic Installation) software since a long time
for two different HPC clusters (and all my desktops) and several other
cluster were built using FAI. It does not only do first time initial
installations with disk partitioning and package installation, it also
does config management and can do maintenance upgrades.

For local customization you can do whatever you like to use, a lot of
FAI users use shell scripts, but also their existing ansible, chef
or puppet scripts.

If you like the KISS (keep it simple stupid) concept, I alsways
suggest shell script for config management. They are easy to read and
write and are much easier than modern tools.

Have a look at https://fai-project.org for more infos.

I heard that https://www.qlustar.com/ will release their cluster
management tool as open source with the next release. This seems to be
a GUI. They are using FAI for setting up the master node.
regards Thomas

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