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> On 10/7/2017 8:21 AM, Josh Catana wrote:
> This may have been brought up in the past, but I couldn't find much in my
> message  archive.
> What are people using for HPC cluster monitoring and metrics lately? I've
> been low on time to add features to my home grown solution and looking at
> some OTS products.
> I'm looking for something that can do monitoring, alert on condition,
> broken hardware, etc.
> Also something that does system resource utilization metrics. If it has a
> plug-in for a scheduling system like PBS where I can correlate a job ID to
> the metrics of the systems it is currently running on or previously ran on
> at the time, that would be an amazing plus.
> Any of you beowulfers have any suggestions?
We use XDMoD and Zabbix for per machine monitoring. Logwatch as well, but
not as comprehensively.

Tried Grafana, InfluxDB and this plugin (
http://slurm.schedmd.com/SLUG16/monitoring_influxdb_slug.pdf ) but we
didn't find it as useful as we would have liked. It's a great plugin, we
just didn't need it.


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