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Jeffrey Layton laytonjb at gmail.com
Tue Jan 24 07:26:53 PST 2017

There are lots of people who have built clusters of RPi's and other SBC's.
I've got a 5-node RPi2 sitting on my desk next to me. It's fun to play with
once in a while :)

AFAIK, Warewulf will not work on the RPI series. I've forgotten the exact
reason but I think it's because they can't tftp boot. I've been begging
Greg to do a port to RPi's, but he's pretty busy.

I haven't tried the BB yet. There are some SBC's coming that are 64-bit
(there are some now such as the Pine64), and some with Intel processors
(udoo x86 - http://www.udoo.org/ ). I'm waiting for the udoo x86 boards to
start shipping (that and the Pinebook laptop -
https://www.pine64.org/?page_id=3707 ).


P.S. Just don't expect great performance from some of the SBC's. The
network performance and memory BW leaves something to be desired. But for
$35-$100 per system, it's very affordable and lots of fun to play with.

On Tue, Jan 24, 2017 at 8:48 AM, Lux, Jim (337C) <james.p.lux at jpl.nasa.gov>

> Turns out there’s a wealth of info out there on beagle board (and Rpi)
> cluster building.  And it’s highly reminiscent of posts on this list 10-15
> years ago.  These folks are all, to a certain extent, reinventing the wheel
> (and learning in the process, so it’s not necessarily a problem).
> All the stuff about “here’s how to set up all the nodes, one by one,
> setting IP addresses, configuring ethernet interfaces”, then getting MPI up
> and running, etc.
> It helps that there are better package managers, etc. :  you can “apt-get
> install”…
> But nobody is doing a rocks or warewulf for beagles yet.
> While I don’t think the BBG cluster would be a good computational solution
> it WOULD be a good, cheap, way to get a real cluster up and going with real
> Linux running on it and learn all about the “closer to the metal” aspects
> of cluster building
> At $39 each, you could build an 4 node cluster for under $250.
> BTW, the BB is about 1/10th the speed of a fast i7   (based on googling
> around and looking for timing tests of various sorts)
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