[Beowulf] Mobos for portable use

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> Exactly.. but with newer, faster boards..

That is kind of the Limulus approach, but 4x65W is too much,
I have been considering scaling out with lower power
boards and smaller cases.

I'm getting pretty proficient with the 3D printer
and I can just about fit anything into anywhere (assuming
heat and power are taken into account)


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> The Little FE portable HPC cluster might be of interest on this topic.  It
> is an HPC system build with small form factor motherboards to get a 6 node
> Beowulf cluster that can be powered off a standard 110 receptacle and used
> as a training system in public schools as it can be run in the classroom.
> The boards they use are not power house boards, but the size of the
> cluster would make it possible it a battery pack to run a backpack Beowulf
> cluster.  Their website is www.littlefe.net<http://www.littlefe.net>
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> Jim,
> I am a big fan of the Xeon-D but they take 45Watts for the CPU alone. Full
> featured Xeon and two 10gig ports on board though.
> I would be looking at one of the Nvidia boards intended for in-car
> systems.
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> Subject: [Beowulf] Mobos for portable use
> This comes up every few years..
> Someone at work was complaining at lunch that the latest laptops have nice
> screens but don't have much memory, largely because they want to keep the
> battery size reasonable ("thin is in").. my suggestion was "well, why
> don't you just use your laptop as the user interface to a bigger more
> powerful compute node/nodes"
> That devolved into a "but what I really want is the horsepower of my
> desktop machine"..
> Leaving aside the "use the network to connect to a CPU somewhere else"
> We then started discussing whether anyone makes motherboards with high
> performance processors, lots of RAM, maybe a GPU for computation (but no
> display hooked up), but none of the other stuff, and then run off
> batteries..
> Like a battery powered Intel NUC, but with way more horsepower
> The top of the line NUC seems to have a 19V, 65W power supply..
> arstechnica says they burn about 50W running full out.   Let's say you
> want to run for 4 hours, so you need 200 Whr.
> A 18650 Li battery is 3.4 Ah @ 3.6V, that's about 23 Wh, so you'd need 9
> of them.  That's not all that big a package.. Arranged in a row, they'd be
> 65mm by 162 mm..
> Prismatic (brick shaped) batteries are 350 Wh/Liter, 135Wh/kg.. so 200 Wh
> is going to be about half a liter (50x100x100 mm) and 1.5 kg
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