[Beowulf] Suggestions to what DFS to use

Tim Cutts tjrc at sanger.ac.uk
Wed Feb 15 01:28:17 PST 2017

In my limited knowedge, that's the primary advantage of GPFS, in that it isn't just a DFS, and fits into a much larger ecosystem of other features like HSM and so on, which is something the other DFS alternatives don't tend to do quite so neatly.  Normally I'm wary of proprietary filesystems, having been bitten by the demise of AdvFS following the HP/Compaq merger, but GPFS has been central to IBM's strategy for a long time, so I don't think that risk is terribly great in this case.

Sanger has been a Lustre site for 10+ years, but then we have enough DFS storage to justify headcount to look after it.  I've played with BeeGFS in the past, and it's certainly very easy to install and configure, but I haven't ever tried it at a large enough scale on real tin to evaluate its performance properly



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On 15/02/2017, 06:53, "Beowulf on behalf of Christopher Samuel" <beowulf-bounces at beowulf.org on behalf of samuel at unimelb.edu.au> wrote:

    I guess I'm getting my head around how other sites GPFS performs given I
    have a current sample size of 1 and that was spec'd out by IBM as part
    of a large overarching contract. :-)

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