[Beowulf] Job Opportunity: HPC Systems Engineer @ The University of Washington

Stephen Fralich sjf4 at uw.edu
Wed Nov 9 09:03:05 PST 2016

The University of Washington’s Information Technology group is hiring
an HPC systems engineer to join our team supporting campus research
computing (you'll be joining 1 FTE systems engineering [me], 0.5 FTE
advanced user support, ~0.5 FTE management and advocacy).  We're
hoping to add another 0.5 FTE for advanced user support in the next
few months. You can read more about what we do here:


By the end of the year the original Hyak system will be joined by a
next generation cluster using Intel OmniPath and supporting Intel
E5-2600 v4 and Knight’s Landing CPUs, as well as Nvidia accelerators.
The original Hyak system was deployed in 2010 (~800 nodes and 11K
cores). We'll be operating it until 2020.

Candidates should apply here:

(payroll title is software engineer because there are only two vaguely

I'll be at Supercomputing Sat (evening) - Thu (late afternoon). If you
have any level of interest and you'd like to have a no strings
attached conversation about the position, please let me know and we
can set up a day and time. I'm on LinkedIn as well if you want more
details about my background. I can answer questions by e-mail too if
that's preferable.



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