[Beowulf] Exascale by the end of the year?

Ellis H. Wilson III ellis at cse.psu.edu
Fri Feb 28 11:45:49 PST 2014

On 02/28/2014 02:22 PM, Peter St. John wrote:
> Who would take your bet?

Joke much?  (Also, bottom-post much?)

> With $50B I could maybe orchestrate a leveraged buy out of oh, say,
> Microsoft. I don't grok spending that on one computer complex. That is
> approximately NASA's budget for the ISS over 30 years (Wiki says $70B in
> current dollars).

There's no need to grok it.  This is less a money problem than a 
scaling/failure/power/etc (raw science) problem.  Plus this all 
(particularly the $50B) sounds highly dubious.  He keeps harping about 
it being low-risk, but I'm with the interviewer -- not buying it.  If 
somebody can find another source for this guy and project, I'd be 



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